Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale (2006) Run Time: 144 min | IMDb: 8/10

Casino Royale marks Daniel Craig’s first James Bond entry, but he plays the suave MI6 agent like he’s been doing it for decades. The film gives fans of the spy franchise a soft reset, as we’re introduced to the new Bond when he sets off on his first mission as 007. Bond’s tasked with catching a private banker funding terrorist operations by beating him in a high-stakes game of poker in Montenegro, and he’s joined by Vesper Lynd (a terrific Eva Green), an MI6 accountant with a secret that threatens to derail the mission and may cost Bond his life.



The 2021 show featured the Best of IBSx Awards. A jury of industry veterans and journalists honored five products, and the winner in the Most Innovative Building Material category was a siding product from Alside called ASCEND. The new composite cladding system is composed of patented glass-reinforced polymer and graphite-infused polystyrene, or (GP)2 Technology.

The fact the new product can be installed with as few as ONE person is a huge plus for builders and subcontractors facing labor shortages. “My vinyl installer had no problems and completed it easily,” reports Greg Rowland, owner of Georgia-based GR Exteriors LLC. “Plus, ASCEND looks great. Everyone thinks it’s fiber cement.”

The ease of installation is explained by ASCEND’s self-aligning stack lock, ideal for one-person hanging. No sealing, touching up, joint flashing, or caulking, either. Ditto for weight: An ASCEND plank weighs just 25% of a comparably sized fiber cement panel.


A Bug’s Life (1998)

Trying to rank  films (most of which are available to stream on Disney+ A Bug’s Life ) in order of quality is like trying to rank your children by how much you love them. None of these movies is bad, but when you’ve films, one of them has to be one of them has to be No. 1. We tried to keep context in mind — Toy Story had an ability to blow your mind in 1995 the way nothing could today — and also ambition: In the world of children’s entertainment, nothing has set Pixar apart more than its burning desire not to coast or mail it in. Some of these movies work better than others, but all of them were trying to do something special — so here they all are, from worst to best for A Bug’s Life

A Bug's Life (1998)

We might be in the minority preferring that year’s Antz — which was famously part of a race between Dreamworks and Pixar to make computer-animated insect movies — but this is still a charming, ultimately harmless little tale that basically has the same plot as Antz but is aimed more squarely at children. As the years went by, Pixar became unusually skilled at making movies as appealing to adults as they were to kids, but the scale is still being balanced here: This is not one adults will rewatch, like The Incredibles or Toy Story. It still wins big points for having the queen of an ant colony voiced by Phyllis Diller.


Naruto: Ways Hashirama’s Wood Release Is The Strongest Kekkei Genkai

Wood Release is a Kekkei Genkai created by mixing Water Release with Earth Release. This Kekkei Genkai is quite rare and hardly ever occurs naturally, which is one of the many reasons why it is coveted. Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage of Konohagakure, is the only person in the series known to possess this Kekkei Genkai naturally.

Wood Release Can Restrain Tailed Beasts With Its Powers

Tailed Beasts are mighty beasts of chakra, created by splitting the 10-Tails by Hagoromo Otsutsuki. These beasts are known to be incredibly powerful and can easily wipe out a country if let loose.

One of the many ways to control a Tailed Beast is to use the Kekkei Genkai of Wood Release against them. Being a powerful Kekkei Genkai with the power to restrain beasts, Hashirama used it to put several of them under his control.


Naruto: Every Member Of The Akatsuki, Ranked By Intelligence

Nagato : The Akatsuki was a group of powerful S-ranked rogue ninja who worked as mercenaries, but their true goal was to capture the Tailed Beasts in order to change the world. Aside from Zetsu, every single member of the group was a Kage-level ninja, which means that they were both strong and smart, but when it comes to pure intelligence, some members were smarter than others.


Nagato experienced a great deal of pain throughout his life, but it was Hanzo’s betrayal and Yahiko’s death that pushed him over the edge. For the most part, Nagato served as the Akatsuki’s leader, but he also governed over the Hidden Rain Village from the shadows along with Konan.


Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998) — $163,644,662


he first Pokémon movie, 1998’s Mewtwo Strikes Back, follows Ash and his companions as they’re forced to fight an army of clones led by the genetically-engineered Pokémon Mewtwo, who was created in a laboratory as a bio-weapon and thus harbors a grudge against Pokémon and their trainers.

The movie broke several Japanese box office records, earning a total of $163 million worldwide. A CGI remake, Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution, was released in 2019.


A sofa inspired by Donald Judd has cushions covered in a Schumacher linen

Dorotheen Quartier

A sofa inspired by Donald Judd has cushions covered in a Schumacher linen, the steel cocktail and side tables are custom designs, the vintage floor lamp is Danish, the paintings, from left, are by Howard Hodgkin and Conrad Marca-Relli.

The former owners had tried to polish the loft’s pitted concrete walls; Mill and Jones chiseled them further to give them back their industrial, dynamite-blasted texture.

“I wanted a more soulful space,” explains Mill. He and Jones both know that you can’t design a space around everchanging artworks: The trick is to provide a versatile setting. This dynamism is not just crucial to Mill’s aesthetic, but also to his philosophy of living with art.

Too often, he says, “We design our space and don’t look at it anymore. I never want to stop looking.”


Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

This is the best Iron Man movie, thanks to a sharp, hilarious script and strong character work. With Tony Stark out of the armor for most of the running time, the film really has time to dig deep into what really makes this guy so compelling.

The villains are credible and threatening and the final fight with Aldrich Killian is still great. The movie also does a good job of making the audience think it’s going one direction only to turn a cliche or trope on its ear, with mostly hilarious results.

Not everyone appreciated “the twist,” but I did. It made me confront how quickly I bought into the prepackaged obvious villain instead of the real threat.

Best moment: The midair rescue of Air Force One is spectacular because it’s an actual real-life stunt and still one of the more cleverly heroic action sequences you’ll see anywhere.


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